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Focused encounters with God! Spirituality retreats offer designated times and spaces where you can strengthen your spiritual connection, discern God's call, or work on any matter of your choosing. I offer these to individuals, groups, and churches. What you stand to gain might be life-changing!

Intense encounters with God can be life-changing. Focused spirituality retreats are a perfect way to present yourself to God for any variety of needs. You may be seeking clarity of God’s call, a renewed relationship with God, guidance for a personal situation, a desire for deep prayer, or any other spiritual needs. 


Let me design a retreat to help with your spiritual needs. I have agreements with several retreat centers that can accommodate several individuals or groups. I can also offer individual retreats where you will receive one-on-one attention as we investigate God’s possibilities for you. 


Church retreats are also a great way to collectively explore God’s heart. These retreats feature plenary sessions, table conversations, and individual exercises. They typically happen with sessions on a Friday evening, two sessions on Saturday, and a worship celebration Sunday. This is just a schedule suggestion as I am open to whatever your church may desire. Packages include coaching for church leadership to discern the approach that best suits your congregation and the theme that will benefit you the most. 


Click the button below to set up a time we can talk about your needs, the needs of your group, or even your congregation. Let’s seek God’s heart together!

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