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RETREATS: Growing Connections

Retreats are special events where time is set aside to focus, explore possibilities, reflect and renew, or experience deliberate growth. They are usually held off-site from wherever the usual routine is and can last anywhere from a half day to three or four days. Some explore retreats as individuals, teams, or groups of various sizes. I offer three basic types of retreats.


Spiritual. We all discern and explore our relationship with God differently. Sometimes, we seek answers during intense times of prayer. Other times, we desire to grow closer to God. I tailor retreats to match the specific needs of Christians on these pilgrimages. 


Leadership. Leaders today experience everything from cultural shifts affecting their churches to burnout. Pastors need new survival and thriving skills. Sometimes, just learning as peers is refreshing enough. Let me structure a retreat to meet your needs.


Teams. Teams function best when they are tightly connected with God and one another. I help teams learn each other’s strengths and blind spots while showing how each personality involved can help all members thrive. 


These retreats serve a variety of participants:

Groups—These include small groups, Sunday School classes, church staff teams, other leadership teams, and congregations.

Ministry Leaders – These include pastors and all clergy, other leaders and directors, and Christian leaders striving to lead like Christ in the marketplace.

Individuals – These include everyday Christians seeking discernment, self-discovery, or growth.


Pricing varies depending on the retreat’s location, number of attendees, and event length. These uniquely designed packages can include pre-retreat surveying and assessments, pre- and post-retreat coaching, and more, including materials created specifically for your retreat.   

Do you want more information? Set up a call or email me today. 

The Gathering of Silence

The Gathering of Silence is a retreat for all ministry leaders, including pastors, other clergy, and denominational leaders. It is held annually at Crossroads Camp and Conference Center in Lowesville, VA, in the fall of the year. This retreat has a long history in the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) life. Recently, it came under the care of Peptalk Ministries, LLC. I have already been leading this gathering for several years. Even with its Baptist roots, this event is not limited to any denomination, and women and men leaders are encouraged to attend. The future of this retreat looks incredible as we are poised for growth and expansion.


Numerous mountain trails for hiking are available, as well as a beautiful mountain stream from which to relax. There are many other opportunities for fishing, golfing, and more nearby. The setting is serene and beautiful, a gorgeous section of creation where one can connect with the Creator. 


The retreat begins with lunch on its given Monday and concludes with lunch that Thursday. Participants are given guided meditations to follow throughout their retreat. All attendees are accommodated in private rooms. An informal vow of silence starts the retreat as the primary purpose is offering time to connect with God far more than any other objective. All are invited to experience optional one-on-one coaching sessions. There are optional gatherings and speaking times from 7-9 pm each evening. The topic of each day’s meditation material begins our conversations, and then we explore any subject the leaders wish to broach. There is usually plenty of laughter and meaningful dialogue. Other activities are also being explored to enhance the options available for participants. 


The men and women who have participated in this retreat for many years rave about its significance for their ministry. They speak of how their connection with God is strengthened. It is often a time when matters of discernment are sought and resolved. Many feel a sense of physical renewal. All speak well of their time spent with God on the mountain! 


Email me at for more information and/or to join the retreat’s email list. To learn more about Crossroads camp, click here. To register for this year's retreat, click here. I look forward to meeting you as you meet God at Crossroads.

Discerning God's Call Retreat

I am thrilled to announce a new retreat that will become a staple for Peptalk Ministries for years. Based on my forthcoming book, Discerning God's Puzzling Call for Every Believer, this retreat offers 72 hours of concentrated focus for participants to learn the process of discovering God's specific call for their lives. There are several specific steps for you to take in the journey toward clarity in your life. Your purpose in God's kingdom work can be found. This immersion into the quest will help you navigate the path to understanding. 

The retreat will feature plenary sessions with time between to process in the beautiful setting of Crossroads Camp and Conference Center. You will have opportunities to learn from other pilgrims sharing the journey to clarity. A pre- and post-retreat coaching session with me is part of the package, with special rates on coaching packages for event participants. 

I understand if you have struggled to learn God's plan for your life. It was the most frequently asked question of me as a pastor. Nobody should live their life of faith in a fog of uncertainty of purpose. 


This retreat and the book may be exactly what you have been waiting for!

Mark your calendars now for April 7-10, 2025. More information, including registration, will be coming soon. 

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