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Coming in September 2024. In my 20-plus years of serving as a pastor, the question most frequently asked of me was from folks wanting to know their purpose, their calling in life. I believe that God has created all humankind uniquely and gifted us individually. These truths amount to a specific call for everybody. 


I am a huge fan of jigsaw puzzles. From the first epiphany I had concerning this book over 20 years ago, I have dreamt I would write it to coincide with my puzzle-making methodology. If you slow the discernment process down enough, you will discover several steps necessary to take on your journey to clarity. This book follows the pattern of how I assemble a puzzle and applies a biblical call story with a principle of discernment that you will find most helpful. Whether you need every step to discover God’s specific call for you is not important. What is essential is that you draw close to God, perhaps closer than you have ever been. The closer you are to the Lord, the easier it becomes to hear that still, small voice. 

The release date and pre-ordering information will be available soon!

Link to Pre-Order Coming Soon
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