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I have made a career of talking and listening, sometimes in that order. My journey has taken me from radio to church and now to helping all people of faith. I love to coach, write, speak, teach, read, play golf, and enjoy much laughter with my family. You can often find me in silence relaxing in front of the ocean, any river, in the mountains, or by a good fire.


I am a retired pastor who served more than 22 years in North Carolina and Virginia. I have a Doctor of Ministry (Spirituality) degree from McAfee School of Theology, a Master of Divinity degree (Christian Education) from the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, a Bachelor of Science degree (Leadership and Management) from Bluefield College, and a Diploma of Theology degree from the John Leland School of Theology. I am the author of Healthy Endings: A Leader's Journey Through a Church Legacy Transition. Several more books are on the way! 

My motto for life since God called me to ministry has been "To help people and faith communities discover and become all they can be in Christ." This call is now expressed through spirituality coaching, spiritual retreat leading, church consulting, Christian leadership coaching, and more. I serve ministry leaders and followers alike. We all have an important place in God's kingdom work, and my role is to help others discover their unique calling while exploring what that looks like in their lives. For those secure in their calling, I help them advance to the next level of their faith journey by drawing even nearer to the heart of Christ. 

How can I serve you?

Dr. David N. Peppler, Sr.
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