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HEALTHY ENDINGS: A Leader's Journey Through A Church Legacy Transition

Churches are closing in record numbers. Decline that had begun was greatly enhanced by a global pandemic. Few resources are available to help congregations discern how to experience this "legacy" conversation and take action in a healthy manner that glorifies God and ensures God's ministry continues. This is such a resource. Told in memoir style, Dave Peppler explores the process of helping a church close in a healthy way through the lens of leadership. This book includes insights concerning congregational care, developing a formula for assisting other congregations, the critical nature of coaching to the process, the importance of self-care for the leader involved, and much more. The second part of the book features the last several sermons he delivered to help the reader understand the best, healthiest way to keep the congregation's focus on Christ. Read this book to hear the story of a church that effectively passed the torch of God's ministry. Read it also to learn a leader's perspective of such a daunting process. Read it as an instructional resource to help congregations and other Christian entities discover a best path leading to a season's ending and the possibilities of resulting resurrection.

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