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I have carried book ideas with me for years. I have dabbled in blogging and composing articles. I love communicating directly with people. God has presented me with the gift of time to pursue all of these things now!

Forthcoming Books

God has inspired me to write several books. No, these are not based on the countless sermon series and revivals, and retreats I have shared over the years. 


The first three books to be published deal with spiritual matters facing the church, its leaders, and all who call themselves Christians. First will be a book about the experience of the last church I pastored with a huge kingdom story. The second will feature an in-depth look at spiritual discernment. The third will be taking my doctoral project on spirituality coaching and putting it into book form. 


My first book, "Healthy Endings: A Leader's Journey Through a Church Legacy Transition", is now available!  CLICK HERE

"Spiritually Speaking" Blog

I have endeavored to blog on and off for many years. That is about to change. A blog to talk about spirituality is in the works and is coming soon. A link to that page will be on this site when it is ready to go. 

This blog will eventually coincide with a podcast, but that too is still in the planning stages. Sign up for Your Weekly Spiritual Peptalk newsletter to stay informed about when the blog and podcast will be ready. 

Peptalk Ministries Newsletter

Coming soon: A weekly blog in newsletter format expanding on my social media "Spirituality coaching question of the week." I'll add ideas and insights and strive to give you something to think about! My goal is to interact with you.

Other announcements about Peptalk Ministries will likely be included, so join me weekly for exciting updates.

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