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I have carried book ideas with me for years. I have dabbled in blogging and composing articles. I love communicating directly with people. God has presented me with the gift of time to pursue all of these things now!

More Books on the Horizon

God has inspired me to write much more. Some of the ideas floating in my head and heart include:

•    A workbook and small group resource for the Discerning God's Puzzling Call for Every Believer book mentioned on the separate page

•    The program I have developed for interim pastor work I have named “Focus”

•    Leadership principles for anxious times

•    Several devotion resources using a rather creative approach

•    Devotional materials designed to accompany a biblical narrative, a daily walk through a specific book, for example

•    And more ideas as God presents them to me…


You are invited to follow my blog. The posts cover many topics, from random thoughts I encounter to musings that coincide with videos I have developed for social media release, the occasional emphasis on retreats I lead, and whatever else pops into this whimsical mind of mine. I hope you will subscribe and see what God has inspired me to write next! 

Peptalk Ministries Newsletter

My newsletter includes updates on events I am leading or participating in, speaking engagements, book news, and invitations to join whatever I’m up to on social media or beyond. I also include some form of meditation for you to ponder—something practical that deals with your life of faith. I invite you to subscribe to this newsletter and see what God is up to through Peptalk Ministries. There will always be something there for you!

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