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With over 22 years of pastoral experience, it is a natural fit for me to help churches during their time between pastors. 

Image by Mitchell Leach

Transitions happen. God sometimes calls pastoral leaders to leave one place of service and move on to another. In other cases, pastors retire. Sometimes, differences in leadership styles or opinions lead pastors and churches to part ways. 

Churches experiencing this interim period need solid leadership. They need a good pulpit presence and a capable leader to guide them through the grief of their recent loss while preparing for their next shepherd. 

My preaching style is casual and engaging. I firmly believe in using simplified language to ensure everyone in the audience clearly understands the message. As a leader, I believe in a coach approach for helping churches navigate their path forward while functioning in a healthy manner. 

Click here to visit the site of a church where I recently served as interim pastor and see several preaching examples.

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