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New-Look Gathering of Silence

Updated: May 8

I have led the BGAV's Gathering of Silence for seven years. It has been my joy and honor to do so, helping people connect with God while they connect with God's wonderful creation at Crossroads Camp and Conference Center. I have numerous memories of intense encounters with my Lord. I owe a debt of gratitude to the BGAV for facilitating my leadership of this retreat for all these years.

Photo credit, mine.

I am delighted to announce that a new day has dawned for the Gathering of Silence. It is now a production of Peptalk Ministries, LLC. The features attendees have grown to love over the years remain the same. We meet at Crossroads, take individual vows of silence, enjoy the amenities of Crossroads and the surrounding community, and have optional coaching sessions and evening group sharing times.

New this year are sponsorships. I am engaging with sponsors with the primary goal of bringing participant costs down. I encourage participants to register now (link is below) while there is still space to attend this event but do not make any payment until a final price has been determined. The cost is already lower than in previous years, but more discounts will be applied depending on the number of sponsors. I am also encouraging associational leadership to consider sponsoring participants from their churches.

The Gathering of Silence is open to ecumenical ministry leaders. We have had non-Baptists attend in the past, but I am now encouraging even more to join us. This is about growing in our faith as ministry leaders and has no denominational preferences of attendees. All are welcome!

Most attendees are women and men who serve as pastors, but I welcome other staff members, denominational leaders, and retired ministers.

This year's theme is "Hearts Wide Open," the event will be held from September 30th through October 3rd. Registration is open now, so do not delay. Space is limited. Here is the registration link:

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