I help people who want more in their spiritual life. People often get stuck in their personal connection with God and don’t know how to get out of their rut. I partner with them to explore their goals and discover ways to achieve them. This coaching is great for people seeking to clarify God’s call.


for individuals, groups, and churches. These are focused retreats where people spend time deeply exploring God’s design for their lives. Guidance is offered and dialogue encouraged to help folks learn how to best position themselves to hear and consider God’s will. In church settings, this is done in large group plenary sessions with opportunities to explore session contents during extended breaks. Ex. A morning plenary session, a break for lunch and most of the afternoon, and then dinner and an evening plenary session. The next morning is a final plenary session



Having served over 22 years in the pastorate, I am capable of engaging congregations as they struggle in various ways. I help churches face their difficult challenges by helping them explore grassroots solutions. I do this by asking straightforward questions, offering opportunities to thoroughly discuss possibilities, and find the best solutions for their context.  


Leaders in families, groups, churches, organizations, and corporations desire to improve their capacity for leadership success. I help people navigate through their internal obstacles to optimize their potential for being the kind of leader they seek to become.