I could talk all day about how effective various elements of Peptalk Ministries can be, especially coaching. Here are other voices sharing their experiences for you to see.


"You have a really good way of getting things out of me from deep inside!"

-Pastor, MO

Pastor, VA

The coaching experience is very productive and beneficial due to the questions of David Peppler. He was a great listener and guide through this process which is new to me. He genuinely cares about helping me find the direction that God would have me go. I would recommend the coaching experience to others. It is a powerful learning experience where I'm learning about God’s will, how I respond to it, and about myself.” 

Hospice Chaplain, NC

"David Peppler has a genuine, welcoming presence (even via video call) that puts you at ease from the beginning of your first session. His ability to hear your challenges and then pinpoint areas for growth is remarkable. 


My coaching sessions with David took place during a vocational change in my life, one that was difficult to navigate and emotionally heavy to bear. His coaching and companionship during that phase of my journey offered clarity of thought, different perspectives, and challenging questions for me to consider.


In David’s coaching I gained a compassionate companion who offered a listening ear. Deeper than that, though, I was challenged to grow, release some of the heartache I was feeling, and lean into my identity as the beloved of God." 

Pastor, VA

I am currently in counseling and also routinely reach out to mentors. Coaching is more focused and deeper than mentoring and more focused on the holy spirit than counseling (this is great)! Also, David has more specialized knowledge of vocational ministry than a counselor, and he also has a lot of meaningful background knowledge in some of my areas of life's challenges

Pastor, VA

For me, Pep's spirituality coaching is focused more on developing steps to gain momentum. Mentoring often has more encouragement driven and counseling is often reflective of root causes with few practical steps of engagement. I found great value in coaching as it is more action-oriented. We stay focused on steps that are moving toward something. I appreciated the statements made by Dave when he says, ‘let’s figure out what steps you need to take to move in this direction.’

Pastor, VA

"David’s mentoring and coaching saved my pastorate and possibly my ministry. David’s ability to listen, hear the heart and ask hard, penetrating questions, allowed me to see where my actions, words and motives, hindered my ability to minister to some people in my church. David also helped me see the situation from other people’s perspectives, and how I could change my approach to better communicate with them. If you are in need of Godly coaching in ministry or life and a better understanding of yourself and others, I recommend that you meet with David Peppler."

Missions Leader, VA

I love our conversations about finding God in the midst of life and ministry. It keeps the focus on God and what God is saying. God’s timing is different for every circumstance. It is encouraging to experience God’s presence in the here and now while anticipating and working toward finding the answer he will provide in God’s time. Your coaching process helps affirm my identity in Christ while assuring that my purpose comes out of that.

Ministry Leader, DC


Pastor, VA

I would like to say that coaching has been an awesome experience for me. It is great being coached by Pep, and I honestly feel like that I am in a better place now than what I was before. I would highly recommend Pep to anyone who is looking for a ministry coach. 

Pastor, VA

Your coaching is both humbling and exhilarating. It is humbling because the wisdom from this process is God-given. It is exhilarating because I have my issues unlocked in such a way that it dramatically impacts my ministry. It allows me the opportunity to get out of my own way and see things differently and with more clarity.