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Summer 2023 Ministry Partnership

28 years ago Virginia Baptists began a youth missions focus through a new lens known as Impact Missions Camps. This effort has grown over the years and has literally touched thousands of lives including the organizers, leaders, team members, youth, and the recipients of the ministry work. As a pastor and youth leader in my early years of Virginia Baptist life, I brought my youth to ImpactVA! a few times and even participated as a camp pastor. When not involved with Impact, I created my own youth missions opportunities with churches and partnerships I had formed.

Photo by Vardan Papikyan on Unsplash

This Summer, the BGAV Impact Missions Team and Peptalk Ministries have formed a ministry partnership for the Impact Missions Camps this Summer. I have the honor of being the Camp Coordinator for the camps this year through this partnership. This is a God-sent opportunity for me to reconnect with my years of youth group missions focus and add my gifts in leadership development and community engagement.

Here is what Glenn Maddox, BGAV National Missions Director has to say about this partnership. "I’ve personally experienced the benefits of coaching both as a coach and a coachee, and we’re thrilled to offer that same experience to our staff, church group leaders, and local partners. Our staff in particular will have a wonderful opportunity to explore their own understanding of God’s Mission, their call, and how they can use their gifts to enhance the overall Impact experience this summer. We’ve told participants for years that the fullest expression of mission isn’t what they do at camp – it’s what they do when they go back home. And a coach approach to the camp experience for staff and participants that Peptalk Ministries offers will be key to helping them reflect on what they will do when they get back home.”

This ministry partnership is exciting for all parties involved. Please join us in praying for this years Impact Mission Camps in the following ways:

  • For safety of all participants in their travels to and from their weeks of service

  • For safety of all involved in the mission projects we perform

  • For the ministry team as we prepare for this important kingdom work

  • For the construction, youth, and local host and church leaders who are volunteering their time and talents

  • For the youth, that they may enjoy meaningful work and life-changing experiences

  • For the worship leaders and services so hearts will be touched and inspired

  • For the ministry recipients who will have specific needs met while being ministered to by the team member and youth

  • For God's kingdom to effectively be expressed in all we say and do in these camps

I thank God for this special partnership and look forward to coaching and leading some great people over the Summer!

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