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Healthy Endings Book Blog 3: Launch and Celebration

When will the book officially launch and be celebrated?

June 10, 2023


Bethlehem Baptist Church

215 Wilkinson Road

Richmond, VA

For those who cannot or do not plan to attend this event, the book is available now here. I do hope you will order a copy so you can read this powerful story. If so, be sure to rate and review it on Amazon as this boosts its visibility for others to see it. I have already written why I wrote and who should read the book, now let's celebrate!

I owe a special debt of gratitude to Bethlehem Baptist Church for hosting this event. This is the location where it all took place! It is going to be amazing to walk back through those doors into the sanctuary and family life center and relive a few years worth of precious memories.

The celebration itself is simply that. I have Chamberlayne's former Director of Music Ministries, Rev. Chris Crowley serving as emcee for this event. He will ask me questions about the book and I will provide some readings from select sections that will help tell the story for those unaware. I will also invite attendees to offer questions if they so choose. I realize it is difficult to call this a "launch" over a month after the official release of the book, but it is still a proper event at the perfect place!

I have never attended a book launch before, so if you have high expectations of a tight formal show, well, I am not certain that will be the result. This is my first book and therefore my first book celebration. If you have ever experienced the chemistry that Chris and I have shared over the years, it is bound to be entertaining!

A reception will follow in the Victor L. Davis Family Life Center. We will have some light refreshments. Bethlehem Baptist is going to have some displays available of the work they do in the community and beyond which will be very helpful for the Chamberlayne folks attending. Otherwise, I will have books available for purchase and will be more than happy to sign your books whether you buy them there or bring your already-purchased copies from home.

I have friends in many circles that I would love to see. Having been part of several organizations over the years means I have connections in the BGAV, CBFVA, the BTSR community, and people God has given me the honor to serve as pastor in the past 25 years. And, of course, I would love to see those who formally attended Chamberlayne Baptist Church and those who currently occupy that space now known as Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Will I see you there?

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