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But I Don't Wanna

We all have them. You have things on your to-do list that you neglect. In your task app, you keep changing the end date of that one chore (or 4 or 6) you would rather toss out of your window than perform. Each time you look at your list or calendar or daily tasks, you dread seeing them again. But there they are, right in your face, and the groans begin, and procrastination planning instantly jumps into action in your mind.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

There are projects in life and work that we do not enjoy performing. You may not like mowing or doing yard work. You might not consider housework particularly fun. You may dread that promise you made to yourself to maintain a zero-inbox policy to end your workday. Cleaning the grill makes you cringe, and you keep scraping it between uses while nobody watches.

The detail-oriented, nit-picky things that need to be done regarding the business drive me up the wall. I enjoy being creative. Creating new social media posts or videos for my YouTube page generates a lot of energy for me because it is enjoyable. I love to have fun. The video with this blog post has plenty of my natural humor throughout. After the video is recorded or the social media post created comes a time of getting them into my scheduling system so they will be posted at certain times on certain days in certain weeks, during get it.

How do you deal with those tasks that make you groan, like missing swatting that mosquito that just took a vile of your blood to the neighbor's house?

My solution is to gamify them. Find a way to make it fun! I will create any number of ideas that will make the mundane become a contest or game. I will set a timer for a specific period of time and reward my focus with a walk, a quick game of trash can basketball, an M&M, or something unrelated. I have done healthy things and other activities that I will not divulge here for fear of my doctor calling me on his day off to yell at me. I do silly things and serious things. Doing something distracting based on a timer for a period of focus is the only way to achieve the things I do not enjoy. It must be some form of game.

You have ideas of ways you can get through the drudgery of unwanted work. It could be a conversation you don't want to have, an email or paper you don't want to write, or a call you don't want to make. What distraction do you need to create or reward, and do you need to promise yourself to get it done and behind you? Discipline is always the best answer, but it does not always work without another incentive. Experiment with this and discover what works for you. Do something, and get the challenging things over with early so you can move on with the rest of your day.

Coaching Questions:

  • What task(s) cause you the most aggravation when you see them on your to-do list?

  • What game can you create or play to help you get them done?

  • What reward might you offer yourself for accomplishing the task?

  • What would be different about your work or life rhythm if you could discover ways to easily get the mundane chores out of your way?


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