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A Summer Camps Partnership

A short-term partnership between Impact Mission Camps of the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) and Peptalk Ministries, LLC recently concluded. The partnership was for Peptalk to provide on-site coordination of the camps while leading the camp staff.

Photo by Vardan Papikyan on Unsplash

This was an extraordinary partnership from my perspective. I brought several youth groups to Impact over the years as a pastor and served one stint as a camp pastor. I have always been a fan of Impact because of its awesome work, structure, and deeply meaningful opportunities for youth and adult leaders alike.

These mission adventures include youth groups from around Virginia (and beyond as a group from St. Louis joined us this year) joining together to experience significant activities. They do construction projects on homes in need of repair where the owners cannot otherwise afford the work. Materials are often provided by many ministry partners and the labor is overseen by professionals. It is not unusual for Impact teams to replace roofs, build handicap ramps, replace unsafe steps and much more.

They also participate in nightly worship activities including singing, testimonies, and hear messages from pastors who have a passion for helping young people grow. Worship is enhanced in preparation for the camp weeks with group devotionals and additional materials and activities during the week. Youth groups are asked to do a service project of their own before arriving to get a feel for the work and how being part of God's kingdom mission can affect the students as well as the recipients.

Serving as on-site coordinator brought great joy to me this summer along with the many challenges of overseeing the multiple aspects of the camp. Working alongside partners and volunteers and church and youth leaders was an awesome experience. We gathered with one specific goal in mind - to help the youth experience mission work and understand its value for Christian living.

This had its own impact on all of those in leadership as well. I received several notes and comments from adult leaders who described their own encounters with God. Immersing oneself into kingdom work while guiding others to do the same sometimes brings incredible blessings and insights into your own spiritual life.

I want to thank Impact Mission Camps and the BGAV for this opportunity to be partners in kingdom work. As we look to the future, may this incredible work continue to grow and explore new possibilities for mission work involving young people. Great things happen when we join together to serve others!

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