Being a Christian is hard enough. Being called to serve in ministry is even harder. God blessed me through some of my years in the pastorate with good mentors. Now, I have accepted the call to pay it all forward!

Image by Medienstürmer

Pastoral ministry for me was a struggle in many ways. I had a few people offer wisdom that was helpful along the way but never had a true mentor until several years had passed. I have a passion for those who serve in ministry leadership in the pastorate and other roles. 


My goal is to walk alongside as many ministry leaders as are willing to share their journey with me. I will not only draw upon the education and experiences I have had in my years of service. I will also help these leaders learn their own skills and passions for service to help them become the best versions of themselves to lead most effectively. 


If you are new in ministry leadership or could use an ear, shoulder, and friend, click the link so we can explore together how I may best help you walk the path God has laid before you.